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Should I Be Looking To Replace My Water Heater ?

Water Heaters that make use of how water cylinders generally last about 10 years, depending on the water quality in you area – if you have very hard water then this could be reduced significantly. We have come across water heaters that have failed after only 2 or three years – but we have also […]

Medway Solar Energy – How does It Work

Everybody has heard of solar panels and what a great way they are producing free energy but do you know how they work. Here is the technical bit, for a solar panels to work, electrons must flow from one part of the circuit to another through conductive material and material used with solar panels is […]

Let Your Medway Heating Engineer Help You Become Energy Efficient

In the depths of the recession it has now become more imortant than ever to become more energy efficient in the home – there are not just economic benefits but also enviromental benefits that go hand in hand with efficiency. Choosing the right central heating system and boiler is vital in order to balance energy […]

Medway Power Flushing

Does My Heating System Need Power Flushing As time goes by slodge and scale builds up in central heating systems. When this starts to happen, it reduces how well the central heating works and therefore may by causing heating bills to go up. Simply central heating systems need to be cleaned and power flushing is […]

Medway Kent Plumbers – Lancaster Plumbing & Heating

Medway Kent Plumbers, Lancaster Plumbing & Heating have been servicing Medway and Indeed the whole of Kent for over 20 years. Headed by John Lancaster, we are Fully Gas Safe Registered and Licenced to carry out  Gas Boiler, Central heating installations, repairs and servicing, Gas Fires, Space Heaters, Flues & Liners, Vented Cylinders and all […]